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We saw the doctor today…

So today Tom and I went to see the head of infectious disease at a children’s hospital in a neighboring state. The appointment went well. We loved the doctor, and were so impressed with his thoroughness and kindness. He’s running five different immunoglobulin tests (two tubes of blood; Tom never flinched) but doesn’t expect to see anything. He says Tom is one healthy kid. We are going to have the entire family use HibiClens (antibacterial) soap twice a week, and all of us will be using Bactroban in our noses twice a day for a week (did you know that most people harbor staph colonies in their nares? Old news for us…been there, done that, years ago, and it was effective in stopping staph infections amongst the kinder). Tom will continue taking Clindamycin, although I’m going to talk to his family doc about cutting the daily dose. After the morning appt, we stopped by my place of employment, only to find that the pharmacy was amazingly busy, so I took Tom home and then went in to work for five hours. Got home around 7:15 pm. I’m very tired. Eric is at seminary tonight, taking a midterm exam, and I don’t expect him home until after 10 pm. It’s been a long day.


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Staph revisited

Tomorrow Thomas goes to a local children’s hospital to meet with the head of infectious disease about the recurring staph infection on his legs. I hope all goes well and we get some answers. This is becoming worrisome after five months.

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